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Bodylastics Fitness Bands – A Straightforward Guide To Selecting A Home Gym

Could it be that, you’ve recently been planning to purchase a home gym or join a Fitness Gym. Yet, have stopped short because of the heavy price tag. Then you need to browse the next few paragraphs and uncover a low-cost substitute for the expensive, well known home gyms.

Thankfully, there is a pretty low-priced and effective alternative to overpriced strength training fitness equipment that provides an entire fitness workout. It’s known as, Fitness Bands, and they are priced for less than the price of a month’s dues to a health and fitness center.

Not only is the cost of this device for complete body health substantially less, but, the savings really multiply if you think about the time saved in addition to the gas not wasted by traveling to a work out center. Convenience, performance, price and effectiveness make Fitness Bands a viable alternative for any home training routine.

If you were to compare all the popular home gyms and exercise machines in the market today you might find that fitness bands have some pretty powerful advantages. While fitness-machine products will effectively work your muscles, they have do have some drawbacks for the cost-conscious consumer.

Let’s have a look at a few of the popular home exercisers available today:

Bowflex —

One of the more effective Bowflex models presently being advertised is the Bowflex Ultimate 2 Home Gym. Sorry to say, that product costs under twenty five hundred dollars. It does come with 310 lbs of resistance, a Lat tower, leg attachment, as well as a preacher curl attachment.

With this particular home gym they claim you’re able to do more than 95 fitness center type of muscle building exercises. This is the greatest variety of exercises of any of the Bowflex home gyms rather than the Bowflex Revolution that will let you do more than one hundred exercises however, it does cost just under $3000.

No matter what anybody thinks, to me, that’s a lot of money!

Total Gym —

The Total Gym relies upon on your own body weight and utilizing an incline angle to raise the resistance. Although, you can use resistance bands to add additional resistance to the unit. The retail price range varies greatly from as low as $1448 to $4695 for their most recently released model, the Total Gym Power Tower.

By far the most heavily advertised product is the Total Gym XLS. This particular product provides resistance all the way to 59% of your body weight and allows you to do approximately eighty exercise movements.

Bodylastics Fitness Bands —

Bodylastics tubing range in price from a low of $46 to as much as *$95 (* that is for theTO Super Strong Man Bodylastics system).

All of the Bodylastics bands come with lifetime defects warranty on their fitness tubes. The resistance level begins at 88 pounds up to 254 pounds. With the addition of the door anchor and the leg attachments, that’s included with the Bodylastics systems, you are able to perform even more than 140 health club quality exercise movements.

Yet another selling point of fitness bands is the fact that they do not require any setup time whatsoever, there is no need for time-consuming exercise guidance, simply because they are completely ready to begin using right out from the box.

Additionally, they’re going to supply you with the majority of the benefits of a high priced gym type circuit training workout and when you’re finished working with them you can merely throw them underneath your bed, into your work drawer, or maybe in your convenient carry bag which they come with.

Each and every piece of weight training equipment includes the utilization of progressive resistance to build strength, physical size, and staying power. With regard to free weight or weight-based machines the resistance element certainly is the specific weight which you raise or lower.

With the Bodylastics fitness bands product or any kind of strength tubing work out, the amount of resistance comes from the tensile strength of the tubes. In comparison with free weights strength bands don’t require the use of gravity. This can be a major benefit, because you require less room and you can target the muscle groups from many more angles than you can with free weights or dumbells.

In summary, any and many types of exercise machines are going to give you excellent gains. Nevertheless, don’t let the fact that you don’t have a lot of cash prevent you from getting in good physical fitness ( It is a unfortunate truth, that the obesity rate in the country runs as high as 25%.)

Make the decision today to get going on an workout program even though it’s some thing as easy as performing push ups daily. If your finances permits it, contemplate purchasing a set of top quality exercise tubing.

Newham Leisure Centre

Newham Leisure Centre is a well-established sports centre, having opened in 1990. It offers a wide variety of facilities for all ages and is currently undergoing works to upgrade the Terrance Macmillan stadium so it can be used as a training facility for the 2012 Olympics


Newham Leisure Centre has a huge gym, offering two fitness studios complete with a cardio theatre, 55 stations and 30 programmable stations. Staff are on hand to help you navigate your way through the equipment if you aren’t familiar with gym equipment.

If you prefer to exercise with others, try out one of the many excellent classes on offer. With a huge range of class options there is bound to be something that appeals. Try aero biking, boxfit, step and sculpt, circuits or abs blast. There are women-only exercise classes and water-based classes, classes for the over 55’s and yoga classes. You could even give salsa dancing a go if you’re inspired by Strictly!

If you don’t fancy a complete workout, the Centre provides plenty of other options. There is a swimming pool, plus a teaching pool, where residents aged 16 and under or 60 and over can enjoy free swimming sessions. There is also lane swimming, and public swimming. The pool is open until 10.30pm so there’s plenty of time to get down there after work!

Additionally, the centre offers a sports hall complete with badminton, handball and basketball courts, cricket pitches, a throws area, long jump and pole vault. Outside there are three brand new, floodlit football pitches. The stadium boasts a floodlit grass football pitch and an athletics track, although this is currently being upgraded for the Olympics and so is closed for the time being.

When it’s time to wind down and relax, the centre also offers a sauna and steam suite and a beauty room.

Newham Leisure Centre also has crèche facilities to ensure parents can have a well-deserved break for an hour or so, and it offers women-only sessions on five days of the week, so that women can feel relaxed when they exercise.

Want to give Newham Leisure Centre a try but don’t want to commit to membership? No problem. The centre is part of the network, which means you don’t have sign up to monthly membership to use the facilities. Log on to the website and simply buy a one- off, single use pass.

The Centre does do a pay as you go option on the door, but you have to pay a one-off, pay-per-play fee of £20 first. However, through you can enjoy an exclusive offer – no pay-per-play fee and just £7.95 to use the facilities!


Newham Leisure Centre is easily accessible. The nearest station is Prince Regent Station on the overland Docklands Light Railway, or if you prefer you can walk from Plaistow tube station on the District Line or if you prefer you can walk from. Bus routes 147, 262, 300, 376 & 473 also go past the centre. Alternatively, there is a large car park for customers. The address is 281 Prince Regent Lane, Plaistow, London, E13 8SD

The Hidden Dangers Of Home Gym Equipment

While some people go to the gym to workout, most prefer to hop on their treadmill right at their very own home. For people with busy lifestyles, fulfilling a gym membership is too much to ask – aside from trying to squeeze in some gym time to their hectic schedule, going home from work to change for gym clothes and then walk their way back to the gym is simply inconvenient.

There are several benefits of having your own gym equipment at home. Aside from helping you cut back on your expenses, having your own gym equipment can also make exercise an easier part of your daily routine as you stay in perfect shape. However, setting up a home gym is not always good news.

Exercise equipment of all shapes, sizes, and forms are involved in thousands of accidents everyday all over the world. From a barbell falling on a weightlifters chest to an elliptical gone wrong, the number of ways in which a person can be hurt by improper home gym equipment assembly are practically endless. In fact in July 2009, it was found out that home gym equipment has become the latest home hazards in the United Kingdom as Brits trained to look beautiful during the summer.

According to the report in Manchester, Swinton, UK’s leading high street insurance has seen a 17% increase since Christmas in insurance claims due to accidents caused by household exercise equipment. Swinton revealed that the most common reason for home gym equipment accidents is improper equipment assembly leading to dropping heavy weights on the floor, scrapping walls while moving equipment around the house, Swedish balls knocking over ornaments, and so on.

With almost 45% of the population opting to have their own gym equipment, the home becomes a potentially dangerous place. Wanting to save a few bucks from gym memberships can be a false economy when injuries and accidents happen. If you want to train at home, make sure that you hire a professional to put together your fitness equipment.

Although home gym equipment generally come with plenty of instruction on how to properly assemble, use, and maintain the machine, consumers still take a great risk when they decide to take care of the equipment themselves. Poor product assembly greatly contribute to home exercise equipment accidents, which is why it is recommended that one seek the help of a home gym assembly expert in setting up the home gym.

By hiring a home gym assembly professional you can make sure that your equipment is safe and secure to use. On top of that, gym equipment assembly experts do their job efficiently and promptly. That means you can start using your home fitness equipment in no time! Don’t put yourself in danger. Let a home gym assembly expert do the job for you.

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As Seen On Tv Exercise Equipment

It’s late night and the TV channel skipping begins. Ah, there it is the Ab circle pro! The channel changes again, the Iron Gym Pull up bar, again, the channel smoothly transitions and yet once again, the as seen on TV marathon continues, it’s the Barry’s Boot Camp.
Late night has become the as seen on TV stage, channel after channel, nothing but savvy pitchmen and women trying to sell you the “next best thing”. The infomercials can last as quick as 30 seconds and as long as 90 minutes depending on the product and the overall price of it. No matter what day it is, you can almost guarantee that as seen on TV exercise equipment will be pitched to you on late night television.

The options are unbelievable, the geniuses behind the as seen on TV lines are always one step ahead of the consumers and their marketing strategies, although seem pretty corny at times, always seem to work. So let’s take a look at some of the hot as seen on TV exercise equipment products on the market.

The Iron Gym pull up bar has been a as seen on TV top seller for a while. The no excuse easy to use and easy to store, pull up bar is primarily a chin up bar that you can place in any doorway and perform the fat burning chin ups and other multiple exercises. The Iron Gym has come up with new advancements and accessories to the bar.

Barry’s Bootcamp is supposedly Hollywood’s secret weapon to getting in shape fast. Barry Jay, one of Hollywood’s best fitness advisers found what was know Barry’s Bootcamp in 1998. His tactics and programs were some of the most sought after in Hollywood. Barry has taken this workout program and created one of the best as seen on TV products online market called you guessed it “Barry’s Bootcamp”.

The latest and greatest as seen on TV sensation is now the Ab Circle Pro. This easy to use machine, according to the pitch women, is suppose to be the ultimate answer for losing weight and creating abs of steel.

Understanding that the above products are only a small introduction to what is widely available for as seen on TV exercise equipment. If you want to know the latest and greatest as seen on TV sensation in exercise, just tune in to your regular scheduled programming during late night hours.

Sports And Workout Gifts – Gift Ideas For Healthy People

Everybody knows somebody that is passionate about sport, diet, or healthy living. You know the type – they get up at 6am and go to the gym, or they play football with their friends 4 times a week. At times we question their seemingly super-Human abilities but rest assured they are like the rest of us, and aside from the usual gym gear or football boots; you might be stuck for gift ideas when their birthday comes around.

After all, who on Earth wants to spend £55 on a pair of boots that will only last a few months?

Take a look at these great little gift ideas for health and sport fanatics, on a budget!

Step ‘o meter

These make fantastic little gifts and can be purchased at very cheap prices if you know where to look. In fact, McDonalds were actually giving these away a few years ago (in the United Kingdom) with meal deals – that’s how cheap they are.
These little devices are strapped to the belt or pocket and they simply measure the number of steps you take while you’re wearing it (and it’s switched on!). A fantastic way to stay in shape and measure it!

Custom drinks bottle

Everybody takes a bottle of water or fruit juice with them when they work out or play sports. Why not buy a custom made bottle that suits their personality perfectly? Video games fan? Get them a drinks bottle with a picture of Super Mario on it! Liverpool fan? Get them a drinks bottle with the Liverpool emblem emblazoned across it so they can show their undying support for their team every time they work out!

Heath food voucher

This might sound a little odd, but a lot of people who work out regularly drink protein shakes, and bars, and stick to pretty strict diets (I know – it’s mad isn’t it!!). These can often be rather expensive and they are usually provided by only a few companies. So, find out who your loved one is buying from and see if you can get them a voucher for 6 months-worth of health products.

Gym membership

Some gyms offer gift-card memberships or access to extra services for its members. If you know somebody that is currently looking to join a gym, or perhaps they are already members, have a look around at what local gyms are offering. You will often find introductory offers that you can take advantage of.